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Hello, I’m Bernise. I use a number of methods to tackle challenges faced by mayors and city leaders as their cities evolve. These methods include data analysis, behavioural science, ethnographic research, participatory design, and systems thinking.

My key role as Chief Alchemist at Zeroth Labs is in blending these methods to better tackle such challenges. Development is hard and cities are complicated; I help to architect the kind of project structures that enable our partners to begin chipping away at these issues. In doing so, we work with government agencies, multilaterals, local communities, donors, civil society and other partners in East, South, and Southeast Asia. Our work has been in the domains of healthcare, waste management, education, general public service design, and others.

I create alignment and partnerships across diverse stakeholders, and acting as “translator” across these sectors and interests. I enjoy teasing out which aspects of which methods can be brought together to solve hard problems, as well as designing clever applications of technology and behavioural insights for development solutions. I also teach innovation methods to graduate students at the Singapore Management University. Along the way, some folks thought to give me a pat on the back.